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Article 10 - Annexation of Additional Property

Section I. Annexation Without Approval of Association Membership. As the Owner thereof, or if not the Owner, with consent of the Owner thereof, Declarant shall have the unilateral right, privilege, and option from time to time at any time to subject to the provisions of this Declaration and the jurisdiction of the Association additional property. Such annexation shall be accomplished by recording a Declaration of Annexation in the Clerk's Office annexing such additional property. Such Declaration of Annexation shall not require the consent of the Lot Owners. Any such annexation shall be effective upon the recordation of such Declaration of Annexation unless otherwise provided therein. Nothing in this Declaration shall be construed to require Declarant or any successor to develop any additional property. Declarant shall be free to develop and rezone any additional property owned by it as it deems appropriate in its discretion and expressly disclaims any warranty or representation that any additional property shall be developed as part of or incorporated within Eagle Landing.


Section 2. Acquisition of Additional Community Area. Declarant may convey to the Association additional real estate, improved or unimproved, which upon conveya1fre or dedication to the Association shall be accepted by the Association as Eagle Landing Community Area, and thereafter shall be maintained by the Association at its expense for the benefit of all its members.


Section 3. Amendment. This Article shall not be amended without the prior written consent of Declarant, so long as the Declarant owns any property within Eagle Landing.

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