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eagle landing homeowners association

The Eagle Landing Homeowners Association (ELHOA) is comprised of each lot owner in Eagle Landing by virtue of his or her lot ownership. The ELHOA is managed by a group of elected lot owners who make up the Board of Directors and volunteer their time to ensure that the covenants and guidelines are honored and followed.

The Board of Directors includes not fewer than three nor more than seven directors. These directors meet at least quarterly, but typically once a month, to review the budget, ongoing projects or committee reports, maintenance issues, any compliance concerns, and general business matters. 

our board members:
John McCalla

President and Information Technology

Jon Dixon-1.jpg
Jon Dixon


Bill Romaine


Wally Dawson-005-1_edited.jpg
Wally Dawson

Architectural Board

lobel-douglas-13421-web (2)-1.jpg
Doug Lobel

Board Member

Mike Mullen

Facilities Committee Lead

Tom Thomas-1.jpg
Tom Thomas

Landscape Committee Lead

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